New Balance 993

The New Balance 993 is a superb show that offers performance, comfort and style.  This hot new shoe allows people to experience the future in running shoes.  New Balance has a great reputation for making quality running shoes with cutting edge technology.  

New Balance 993

The Overall Structure

The New Balance 993 is a shoe designed for intense workouts and lasting performance.  The insole is engineered with a light material that is up to 34% lighter than the standard foam that other shoes use for their support.  The tough polymer heel support makes the shoe great for shock absorption.  All over the shoe there is mesh design to allow as much air ventilation as possible.  The outer layer has mesh patches strategically placed to provide maximum breath ability without sacrificing any structural integrity.  Even the insoles have apertures to allow ventilation.  

Style of the New Balance 993

The New Balance 993 comes in a variety of different styles and colors.  This shoe is made for men, women, kids, and even infants.  There are classic, trendy, and glow in the dark looks.  The smooth looking leather creates an optical paradise that others will love to look at.  These shoes are not flashy but they are definitely classy and will catch the attention of those passing by.

Overall Performance of New Balance 993

This shoe is a great shoe for those who are serious about running.  This shoe provides cutting edge technology in running performance to help runners achieve new heights in their athletic goals and prevent them from getting injuries.  In addition, the vast and quality choices of style provides pride and motivation to put on the shoes and use them consistently.

New Balance 993


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